Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you clean/tested?

A. I'm tested every month since I have sex with various men and women. I trust this puts some perspective on things. x; D:) Should you have any doubts as to the veracity of the above, we are not compatible, and I hope you understand! However, this is all academic, as I do not offer whatsoever bareback service. I value my own and my clients' health so much, please do not offend me by asking. Many thanks. xxx

Q. Who do you see?

A. I see established, communicative and polite gentlemen with glowing feedback. Those with negative feedback do not apply, please. 🙂

Q. What kind of attributes do you expect in your customers?

A. To fully enjoy a meeting with me, you should be freshly showered, well-groomed, smell nice and have fresh breath. Please be respectful and always be a gentleman. Your kindness, generosity, and chivalry will be appreciated and rewarded. X

A fresh towel, men's shower gel, mouthwash and fluoride free toothpaste is available for you to use before and after an appointment.

Q. Do you see Asian men? 🙂

A. Yes, I entertain all the delicious variations of respectful clean individuals, regardless of gender, creed, colour, size, shape or level of chronological advancement or even the lack thereof. I love to meet Asian men, and all the races and ethnic backgrounds. I love all the sexy people from all the sexy cultures of the world, and I want to feel sex and passion from every corner of the globe. All I ask is that you're charming and friendly, and we will have an amazing sexy horny time together. ;D

Q. How can I book you?

A. Please send me an email or text initially detailing:

- Date & time

- Location

- Duration

- Some details: Nationality, age, about any likes / dislikes, etc. Once I confirm my availability, I will ask you to put a booking through. BINGO! Thanks for being sexy and great, you have won the Maya jackpot, you will have me all for yourself. 😀 xxx

Any bookings placed before a conversation takes place will automatically be deleted. No emails please asking when I am free... Thanks. X:)

Q. Can I request any kinky outfits, dress-ups or toys?

A. I'm happy to take requests. I do love dressing up and doing some kinky role plays. 😉 

If I don't have your requested outfit, I can either put my own twist on it, or you're welcome to purchase and bring something along. My measurements on my profile are correct. 

I have latex dresses and suspenders and many other kinky outfits, so just ask.

I also have a full range of toys available.

Q. Can I cum more than once?

A. This will be reliant on a number of factors; namely, yours! To clarify, you will be spunked as many times as your 'quantity over quality' quest will permit within the time you have booked.

Q. Do you do dinner/drink dates?

A. Yes, I would love to accompany you for dinner or drinks.

Q. I'm a photographer/web designer. Will you be interested if I take photos / design a website for you?

A. Sorry, but I take my own photos, and I'm not interested in advertising anywhere else for now.

Q. Are you interested in becoming a *porn star* or being filmed?

A. Sorry, but I am very discreet about doing this and I'm sure you are too. I will not do anything, which makes my family, friends and business colleagues recognise me.